Multicolor Disposable Face Mask (25-pck)



Multicolor Protective Masks, 5-Ply Protection, 25 packĀ 

These masks are lightweight and comfortable non-medical protective masks with ear loops and an adjustable nosepiece to secure fit and seal.

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Antipollution Masks are designed with high-quality materials to provide you with the best protection for your lungs. With five layers of filtration, each mask blocks over 95% of particles that are PM 2.5 sized. Each package contains five-color packages of five pieces. They can be folded up quickly for easy storage when not in use. A soft cotton lining on the inside makes it comfortable to wear while still providing excellent breathability and filtering power. These masks are disposable, so there is no need to worry about washing or reusing them like other masks might require, making them perfect for travel or anytime you may go out into public where air quality may not be optimal due to pollution or smog levels

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