Menopause is a natural stage of life, but it can be awkward for women. It’s also the time when the skin begins to thin, and wrinkles start to appear. You are not alone. And it is not your fault! Your skin has changed along with the rest of you due to hormonal changes, and it can be frustrating to try to find products that work for you. We understand what this is like because we have been there ourselves. We have spent years researching skincare and beauty products to help other women in our situation get healthy-looking, glowing skin again without using harmful chemicals or fragrances. Dr. Gala Beauty & Health Store offers high-quality natural personal care solutions that will give you back your confidence and self-esteem while respecting your body’s delicate balance of hormones and pH levels – all without breaking the bank! Our line includes anti-aging creams, serums, cleansers, moisturizers, toners, sunscreen lotions, makeup removers, eye treatments, face masks (like those from South Korea), hair shampoos & conditioners, makeup, and much more! Our list keeps growing, and the best of all is that they are backed with research on which natural & organic skincare brands will work best for you during this time in your life. We have narrowed down the list to only include ingredients that are proven effective without causing side effects or harm to your health or environment. Our goal is not just selling you any product; we want to make sure that each product we sell works well for you and doesn’t cause unwanted side effects! This takes years of research, so don’t worry about doing all the studying yourself – let Dr. Gala do it!    

"You Are Worthy, Valuable And Completely Unique"