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Dr. Angela Gala

Dr. Angela Gala is a medical doctor who decided to shift to coaching after 30 years of a fruitful academic and scientific career. She earned her Mastery of Transformational Coaching Method and became an enthusiast of Positive Psychology. She is helping women naturally achieve the balance between their physical, mental, and spiritual health in their midlife years.
Dr. Gala serves her community through her online company Dr. Gala Health Coaching LLC. The HQ of her company is in Houston, Texas.

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As the saying goes, “A woman’s worth is measured in her wrinkles.” It may be true for some women and not others. But as we age, our skin becomes thinner with less resilience, so it can’t handle heat or moisture like before. This causes dryness while simultaneously amplifying other trouble areas, such as early signs of aging, including fine lines and dark spots, making things worse!
The answer appears simple: find products tailored specifically towards fighting those problems- thanks to Dr. Gala’s Beauty & Health Store. They know what works best to help you transition to the new chapter of your life feeling and looking fabulous.

At Dr. Gala Beauty & Health, we respect your image, and we believe that it plays a vital role in your day-to-day life. That is why we spend a lot of time researching, corroborating, and choosing new brands and innovative products that meet your demands.

We take time to build relationships with our brands, which means we learn the foundations to provide you with the best advice possible. We are passionate about delivering excellence and setting high standards in everything we do. We love the products we sell, and we work together as a team to make a difference. Our dedicated blog contains valuable tips, beauty news, product reviews, scientific findings, and much more on what you need to know.

You can also connect with us on social networks through the links we provide here. We love to understand your needs, hear from your experiences, learn about your favorite products, reviews, videos, or photos, and we will make sure to communicate with you.

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Dr. Gala Health Store offers advanced anti-aging skincare products that help reverse signs of aging naturally without any harmful chemicals or side effects. Our 100% all-natural ingredients have been used for centuries by our ancestors as part of their daily beauty care routine with great results! They are now available at an affordable price, thanks to modern technology and scientific research!